Wedding & Special Occasion hair and make-up

Bridal or special occasions make-up to ensure you look your best on your wedding day.

We also offer make-up lessons, which include anything from applying false eyelashes, creating smokey eyes or just getting the right shade of base for your skin.

Hair design can be created to suit, from an elegant up style to a romantic down style.

Bridal make-up on wedding day £100

Bridal make-up 45min trial £50

Bridal hair up on wedding day £100

Bridal hair up 45min trial £50

Special occasion/Bridesmaid make-up £50

Special occasion/Bridesmaid hair-up £50

1 hour make-up lesson (£72 after 6pm) £60

30min make-up lesson (£36 after 6pm) £30

Most of the beauty kit is MAC make-up, this has been chosen for its longevity and flawless coverage which is perfect for wedding make-up both for photographs and up close. All of the basics are YSL including foundations, concealer and powder. We can also tend to use a few specially selected products from other distinguished brands.

The products used are water based, so the likelihood of having a reaction to it is extremely low. Each product has previously been used on hypersensitive skins including rosaceous and we have never experienced a problem with it. If however you do have any known allergies then please let us know before your trial so that we can try to source an alternative product for you.

Trials are important for a number of reasons; firstly to try out your hair and make-up to be sure it is the look you would like for that particular occasion. Secondly so we can calculate how much time we will need on the day to create the look that you want. Thirdly so that we can get to know each other before the day. Honesty really is the best policy when it comes to trials so please do be aware that I will not be offended by constructive feedback.

We recommend trials to be 6-8 weeks before the wedding, allowing enough time for re-trial if necessary, and also enough time to give your hair and skin little extra TLC if needed. Unless you are planning a drastic haircut, it will also enable us to see how you hair will be on the day and what styles will work best with it. If you would like to have your trial on a particular date then please let me know as soon as possible so that I can reserve that date for you. Summer months are particularly busy so do be aware of this. If you would like to have your trial outside of the 8 week time- frame then this is fine also, our timescale is simply a guideline.

Trials are not compulsory for bridesmaids but we do ask that you send over pictures of your bridesmaids and examples of styles that you would like for them so that we can fully prepare timings for the day. If we have not done a trial for your bridesmaids please understand that we cannot perform complex or over ambitious styles this is to prevent any unnecessary stress on the wedding morning.

Due to the volume of enquires for every weekend of the year, we will take a deposit of £15 per person to secure your wedding date. This will be redeemable off the total wedding cost.

We are happy to apply any make-up products of your own for you. Our ultimate goal is to make you to feel at your best and therefore we would be glad to use any products that you feel most comfortable with to allow this. We would also be happy to use our expanded experiences with products to give you personalised advice.

We recommend you wash your hair the day before the wedding. So your hair is not too silky and holds in place.