Using the finest quality hot wax for delicate areas of the body to deliver superior performance. Removing hairs as short as 2mm and will low temperature it provides a much more comfortable treatment.

Strip wax is used for body areas such as legs and arms.

Half leg £15 (After 6pm £18)
Three quarter leg £19 (After 6pm £22)
Full leg £22 (After 6pm £26)
Half leg and bikini £25 (After 6pm £30)
Full leg and bikini £30 (After 6pm £36)
Half Arm £15 (After 6pm £18)
Full arm £20 (After 6pm £24)
Lip or chin £7 (After 6pm £8)
Lip and chin £10 (After 6pm £12)
Neck £8 (After 6pm £9)
Eyebrow £10 (After 6pm £12)
Chest £20 (After 6pm £24)
Back £20 (After 6pm £24)
Back and chest £35 (After 6pm £42)


Bikini Intimate Waxing
Standard bikini
Just the regular bikini line tidy.
£15 (After 6pm £18)
Extended bikini
A little higher or lower than the standard bikini line.
£18 (After 6pm £21)
Vertical landing strip. Hair is removed from surrounding area.
£25 (After 6pm £30)
Complete hair removal.
£30 (After 6pm £36)