Adored by countless celebrities, the luxurious flawless bronze tan which it delivers makes this a stunning tan. No matter what your skin type or colour, St Tropez Spray tan system is customised to suit you.

St Tropez full body Spray Tan £30 (After 6pm £36)
More than 4 full body spray tans £25 per person (After 6pm £30)
More than 6 full body spray tans £20 per person (After 6pm £24)

What you need to know

  • You are advised to exfoliate the night before your spray tan.
  • Do not moisturise or use any body lotion on the day of your spray tan application.
  • Tan will fully develop after 3 hours.
  • Do not wash or use gym for at least 8 hours after spray tan application.
  • Your spray tan will last up to 7 days, moisturise every other day to maintain tan.