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Hair and Make Up
Bridal make-up on wedding day£100
Bridal make-up trial£60£50
Bridal hair up on wedding day£100
Bridal hair up trial£60£50
Special occasion/Bridesmaid make-up£50£45
Special occasion/Bridesmaid hair-up£50£45
Available from April 2024
Fat Freezing and Super IPL Laser Hair Removal.
Fat Freezing
The revolutionary alternative to liposuction.
unavailable£100 per cup area (can treat 4 cup areas in a session)
Procedure time: 1-2 hours
No of treatments needed: 1-2 per area
Results duration: Permanent
Results: 2-16 weeks
Designated to melt away the pounds. No need to go under the knife to remove stubborn fat. Fat freezing ( AKA cryoliopolysis) is a non-surgical fat removal which is devised to banish relentless fat for good.How it works
Cryolipolysis technology cools the fat cells to near freezing so they crystallise, in the following weeks the body will naturally eliminate the cells. Reducing up to 40% of the fat in the area treated.

Super IPL Laser Hair Removal (SHR)
Get rid of unwanted hair permanently
The super IPL laser machine that should rejuvenate the skin as well as remove the hair. FDA approved works by targeting the hair follicle with laser light. Compared to traditional IPL machine, treatment is almost pain free and can also be used to treat broken thread veins in the legs and skin pigmentation.Book a course of 6 treatments 15% discount.
Procedure time: 10mins-2 hours
No of treatments needed: 6-8 per area
Results duration: Permanent
Results: 3 weeks
Upper lip£25
Full Face£80
Lower Body
Full Leg£110
Half Leg£90
Regular Bikini£45
Extended Bikini£50
Hollywood £65
Upper Body
Under Arm£40
Full Back£110
Half Back£70
Full Chest£70
Full Arms£89
Half Arms£45
New Collagen face lift & Micro-needling/Collagen induction
Micro-needling/Collagen induction
Micro needling encourages the production of collagen, resulting in skin smoother, brighter and healthier .
Skin concerns that can be treated.
*Uneven Skin
*Acne scarring
*Surgical, traumatic and burn scarring
*Wrinkles and fine lines
*Open pores
*Sun damage
*Stretch marks
*Age spots
*Hyper pigmentation
A course of 6 treatments are recommended for full and long lasting results.
£100 per treatment
for a course of 6 treatments £540
New Non-Surgical Collagen Facelift 1 Hour Facial
Relaxing with no downtime!
Benefits of radio frequency facelift:
*Wrinkle reduction, lifts & tighten face.
*Jawline lifting
*Stimulates collagen & cell metabolism

For full long-lasting results a course of six is recommended.
£95 1 Hour Facial

£55 30min lifting treatment.
New Non-Surgical Collagen Facelift 1 Hour Facial contouring course.
A course of our popular facelift facial will help tighten, strengthen, contour and tone the skin for a more a youthful appearance. Performed once a week for 6 weeks or twice a week for 3 weeks.
£540 for a course of 6 1-hour facial.

£300 for a course of 6 30min lifting treatment.

New 2024 Anesi Lab Facials
Very excited to introduce the new skincare range.
High performance cosmeceutical skincare.
Anesi is a Spanish skin care range, dedicated to the aesthetics world for more than 40 years. Choose from one of our amazing facials below.

Anti aging thermal FacialRecommended for all skin types: Mature dry skin,
Repairs cell damage to achieve skin regeneration, improves skin firmness and radiance. Includes a luxury warm thermal mask.£60 1 Hour Facial£50 1 Hour Facial
Hydra-Nutrition FacialRecommended for all skin types: Particularly dry, dehydrated, Sensitive, Maturing skin.
A deep cleansing and nourishing facial. Restores the hydrolipidic mantle to strengthen the skin barrier. Replaces hydration for instantly radiant and brighter skin. £60 1 Hour Facial£50 1 Hour Facial
Dermo Peel FacialRecommended for all skin types: Congested, Dull, Ageing, Acne prone.
The natural alternative to a microdermabrasion. Combining deep cleansing, oxygenation and deep hydration.£65 1 Hour Facial£55 1 Hour Facial
Anesi Express Facial
An introduction to Anesi skincare.
Cleanse, exfoliate, mask and moisturise.
£35 30min facial£25 30min facial
Eyelash Extensions (Classic and Hybrid) Patch Test required 24 hours before
Full Set Eyelash Extensions£70£65
1/2 Half Set Eyelash Extensions£35£30
3/4 Three Quarter Eyelash Extensions£45£40
Full Set Eyelash Extensions with Eyelash Tint£80£75
Maintenance Appointment 3-4 weeks£35£42
Image Skincare Facials (Clinical Grade Skincare)
Image SIGNATURE FACELIFT® (60mins)£65£60
Image SIGNATURE FACELIFT® (30mins)£38£33
Image O2 Lift (60mins)£60£55
Image O2 Lift (30mins)£38£33
Minx Nails (Pattern or Chrome Nail Wrap)
Full set Minx with pedicure£40£35
Full set Minx without pedicure£35£30
Gel Bottle (also using builder base, BIAB,)
Pedicure With Gel£40£35
Toes Just Gel Application £30£25
Gel Manicure£35£30
Gel Removal and Mini Manicure£25£20
Gel Removal and Mini Pedicure£40£35
Under arm£12£10
Upper Lip or Chin£8£7
Upper Lip and Chin£15£12
Lower Body
Half leg£18£15
Three quarter leg£22£19
Full leg£25£20
Half leg and bikini£30£25
Full leg and bikini£35£30
Standard Bikini£18£15
Extended Bikini£20£18
Upper Body
Half Arm£20£18
Full arm£25£20
Under arm£12£10
Back and Chest£45£40
Manicure and PedicureNormal Varnish Using Long Lasting CND Vinylux
Manicure Normal Varnish£30£25
Manicure Without Varnish£25£20
File and Varnish£18£15
Standard Pedicure £40£35
Foot Health Appointment
Providing effective treatment for
Corns, Cracked Heels, Sore Feet, Ingrown Toenails, Nail Construction, Nail Cutting, Care of Diabetic Foot, Athletes Foot, Verruca, Fungal Nails, Hard Skin
Eye Treatments
Eyebrow Shape (Waxing or Plucking)£12£10
Brow Tint£8£7
Eyelash Tint£18£15
Eyelash and Brow tint£25£20
LVL/Natural last list£45£35
Henna Eyebrows (Lasts 2-6 weeks)£30£25
Eyebrow Lamination£35£30
Pamper Parties£30 per 30min Treatment
Choose treatment below
MassagesMobileHome Beauty Room
Swedish Massage (60mins)£60£50
Swedish Massage (45mins)£55£45
Swedish Massage – Back, neck and shoulder massage (30mins)£40£30
Aromatherapy Massage (60mins)£60£50
Aromatherapy Massage (45mins)£45£45
Aromatherapy Massage – Back, neck and shoulder massage (30mins)£40£30
Deep tissue full body massage (60mins)£65£55
Indian head massage (30mins)£40£30