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ItemPricePrice (After 6pm)
Hair and Make Up
Bridal make-up on wedding day£100
Bridal make-up 45min trial£50
Bridal hair up on wedding day£100
Bridal hair up 45min trial£50
Special occasion/Bridesmaid make-up£50
Special occasion/Bridesmaid hair-up£50
1 hour make-up lesson£60£72
30min make-up lesson£30£36
Spa/Make Up Parties
1.5 hours£75£90
2 hours£100£120
2.5 hours£125£150
3 hours£150£180
Eyelash Extensions
Full Set Eyelash Extensions£70£80
1/2 Half Set Eyelash Extensions£35£42
3/4 Three Quarter Eyelash Extensions£45£54
Full Set Eyelash Extensions with Eyelash Tint£80£90
Maintenance Appointment£35£42
Environ Facials
Environ Vitamin Facial with micro-current lift (60mins)£60£72
Environ Vitamin Facial (60mins)£50£60
Add the new light fusion, light therapy mask to any facialAdd £10 to existing price
Image Facials
Image SIGNATURE FACELIFT® (60mins)£65£72
Image SIGNATURE FACELIFT® (30mins)£38£45
Image O2 Lift (60mins)£65£72
Image O2 Lift (30mins)£38£45
Minx Nails
Full set Minx WITH speedy manicure or pedicure£40£42
Full set Minx WITHOUT speedy manicure or pedicure£30£36
Shellac Nails
Manicure or pedicure with colour/French (60mins)£35£42
Just Colour/French application (40mins)£28£33.50
Removal and tidy (we charge if your not having a new set) (20mins)£10£12
Removal, tidy and colour/French (45mins)£30£36
Shellac package- hands and toes colour/French(Includes nail prep on hands and speedy pedicure) (90-100mins)£65£78
Bio Sculpture Nails
Colour/ french overlay£35£42
Soak off (we only charge if you are not having a new set)£10£12
Hands and toes overlay package (Includes nail prep on hands and speedy pedicure)£65£78
Half leg£15£18
Three quarter leg£19£22
Full leg£22£26
Half leg and bikini£25£30
Full leg and bikini£30£36
Half Arm£15£18
Full arm£20£24
Lip or chin£7£8
Lip and chin£10£12
Back and Chest£35£42
Standard Bikini£15£18
Extended Bikini£18£21
Manicure and Pedicure
Standard Manicure (45mins)£30£36
Speedy Manicure (30mins)£25£30
Polish change (15mins)£15£18
Standard Pedicure (60mins)£35£42
Speedy Pedicure (30mins)£25£30
Polish change (15mins)£15£18
Footlogic Heel Treatment (30mins)£24£29
St Tropez Spray Tan
St Tropez full body Spray Tan£30£36
More than 4 full body spray tans£25 per person£30 per person
More than 6 full body spray tans£20 per person£24 per person
Eye Treatments
Eyebrow Shape (Waxing or Plucking)£10£12
Brow Tint£7£8
Eyelash Tint£15£18
Eyelash and Brow tint£20£24
LVL/Natural last list£45
Henna Eyebrows (Lasts 2-6 weeks)£30
Eyebrow Lamination£30
Swedish Massage (90mins)£75£90
Swedish Massage (60mins)£50£60
Swedish Massage (45mins)£45£54
Swedish Massage – Back, neck and shoulder massage (30mins)£30£36
Aromatherapy Massage (90mins)£75£90
Aromatherapy Massage (60mins)£50£60
Aromatherapy Massage (45mins)£45£54
Aromatherapy Massage – Back, neck and shoulder massage (30mins)£30£36
Deep tissue full body massage (90mins)£80£96
Deep tissue full body massage (60mins)£55£66
Indian head massage (30mins)£30£36
Maternity massage (60mins)£55£66
Foot and leg massage (30mins)£30£36